Ditch The Drain: Smart Ways To Dispose Of Grease & Oil After Cooking

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When cooking dinner, you often end up with a lot of grease in your pans, especially after cooking items like bacon and ground beef or after deep-frying. Once you are finished, what do you do with that grease? Nearly half of all sewer overflows that happen in the United States are caused by grease and fat build-up from people dumping it all down their drain. Not only are you ruining the pipes in your city's sewers, but it can build up in your home's pipes, too, and it will eventually lead to costly repairs.

1 February 2016

Commercial Trash Removal For Small Businesses: A Look At Fuel Charges And Environmental Fees


The statistics don't lie. Although Americans only make up 5% of the world's total population, they generate about 30% of the world's total waste. As a result, you can expect your small business to generate a substantial amount of waste each year, and subscribing to appropriate waste removal services should be a priority. Keep your business and property clean by ensuring that waste generated is disposed of and removed in an efficient manner.

20 December 2015

Jumpstarting Your Career As A Hazmat Technican

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When you are starting a career in the construction industry and want to increase your marketability so you can make more money, there are certifications that you can earn to make your more attractive to employers. Learning how to handle hazardous materials properly is among the skills that will increase your employability. Hazmat technicians work in a variety of settings including helping construction firms demolish buildings that contain asbestos, building scaffolding at hazardous waste sites and decontaminating buildings.

17 December 2015

The Benefits Of Renting A Roll Off Dumpster For Your Renovation Projet

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When starting a new renovation project, colors and materials aren't the only things that need to be decided. Managing the thrash may not be as fun as assembling the new furniture, but it is nonetheless an essential part of any renovation project. The more ambitious your project is, the more trash you'll get throughout the process. Odds are that the old walls and cabinets that you are going to take down will not fit in any of your garbage can.

11 December 2015

The 3 Steps Every Homeowner Should Take If They Have A Bat Infestation

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While bat removal is definitely a job for a professional, understanding the basic steps that bat control entails will make the process easier to follow. You can judge which control expert is likely to do a good job for you, and you will be more comfortable as the process progresses. 1. Keep Bats From Coming Into Your Attic Bats can fit through spaces as small as 3/8 of an inch. That means that many homes have many different possible entry points for the attic.

27 August 2014