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Are you trying to decide what energy source to use to power your home heating system? You have four main options - natural gas, oil, propane and electricity. Which one will cost you less? Which one is a cleaner source of energy? What equipment is most affordable and will last the longest? These and many other questions are answered here on our blog. You will learn a little about all of the energy options that you have for your home heating system and advice on what you can do to make the choice easier for you now and will serve your needs best over the years.

Three Ways To Try Out Solar Power

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It's no secret that most homes will need to begin transitioning to renewable energy sources in the future. You may have been considering a change to solar, but may be concerned about the cost of installation or whether it will be able to fulfill your family's energy needs. Fortunately, there are many small ways you can incorporate solar energy. Taking advantage of these small changes gives you a chance to see if solar works well in your home without the expense or time of installing a full solar system right away.

Switch your landscape usage

One of the simplest and most common ways to begin the solar switch is outdoors. The landscaping industry has been taking advantage of solar energy cells for decades when it comes to items like landscape lighting and fountain pumps. This means that there is a healthy market for these items, which results in more competition and a lower cost for you. In fact, it's often less expensive to install solar outdoor lighting than it is to have electrical lines laid for conventionally powered lighting. Update your current lighting or invest in new lighting that is solar powered. You can also find solar powered fountain pumps, sprinkler control boxes, and moving yard art.

Invest in solar chargers

The modern family is slowly becoming more and more wireless, which means that there are a lot of device chargers plugged into walls. Solar charging options are also becoming more common and many are quite affordable. You can purchase small panels with charging ports attached that are designed to hang in a window. Many of these have small battery packs, so they can store a charge until you need it. Even smaller versions are available that you can attach to a backpack. This enables them to charge as you go about your business, then you simply plug your device in when you need a power boost.

Add some indoor lighting

Even if you aren't ready to switch the whole house over to solar, you can lower your conventional energy usage with indoor solar lights. This can lead to major savings in the winter when lighting is often turned on for hours a day. These lamps look like traditional lamps except they have a small solar panel that you place near a window during daylight hours. Some are dual usage, which means they switch to the conventional outlet power if the solar cell runs empty.

If these solutions work well for your family, then you can consider the transition to a full or partial solar powered house. There is no need to go fully off-grid, since there are ways to set up a dual use system. Talk to a solar company for more help.


16 November 2017