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Commercial Trash Removal For Small Businesses: A Look At Fuel Charges And Environmental Fees


The statistics don't lie. Although Americans only make up 5% of the world's total population, they generate about 30% of the world's total waste. As a result, you can expect your small business to generate a substantial amount of waste each year, and subscribing to appropriate waste removal services should be a priority. Keep your business and property clean by ensuring that waste generated is disposed of and removed in an efficient manner. When signing up for commercial trash removal services, you'll generally see that most services will tack on two additional charges onto the bill: fuel charges and environmental fees. This article will help you make sense of what these charges are.

Fluctuations In Fuel Charges 

When signing up for commercial trash removal services, you're generally going to have to chip in on fuel charges with the other businesses that are also en route to yours. The trash removal trucks usually take the same route every week, and will stop by all businesses that are signed up for their services. The fuel charges are generally costs associated with the waste removal operations related to the collection of the waste, transfer services, landfill maintenance and material recovery facilities.

The fuel charges generally fluctuate based on average monthly diesel prices, and most commercial trash removal services will generally give you a heads up on what the expected fuel charges will be for each month. If you want to reduce the overall cost of fuel charges, you should:

  • sign up for commercial trash removal services that cater to a lot of small businesses within your area, as you will be splitting the charges with all of these businesses.
  • look for commercial trash removal services that place a strong emphasis on improving overall productivity and efficiency of their operations. These businesses will generally aim to reduce fuel charges as much as possible.

Fixed Rate Of Environmental Fees

The environmental fee may or may not apply to your business. It depends on the type of waste that you need to have removed. Environmental fees are basically associated with operation costs related to ensuring waste is disposed of in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Depending on the type of service that you signed up for, you may be required to pay environmental fees. For example, if you own an auto shop, you may require commercial trash removal services for the disposal of tires. Due to the chemical composition of tires, they need to be recycled and disposed of in a different manner in order to prevent chemicals from leaking and polluting the environment. You can expect to see added environmental fees if you require commercial trash removal services for the disposal of:

  • tires.
  • batteries.
  • oils and fluids.
  • harsh or toxic chemicals or products that may release toxic chemicals with time.
  • biological waste products.
  • any waste products that require special treatment or disposal.

To reduce the cost of environmental fees, you will need to reduce the quantity of waste products generated that require special treatment or disposal. Keep in mind that the environmental fees may change with time if newer disposal treatments that are better for the environment are discovered or if other accompanying costs fluctuate.


Before signing the dotted line on the contract, make sure that you read the fine print and terms and conditions to determine whether or not you can expect fuel charges or environmental fees to be added to the final bill. It's better to be informed now than to be surprised at a later date, as these charges can be quite expensive depending on the type of waste products that your business may generate. For more information on commercial trash removal, contact companies like E.L. Harvey & Sons.


20 December 2015